• Less Paper | Less Work
    Less Paper | Less Work

    Up to your eyeballs in paperwork? Integra is a leading document management company in the Pacific Northwest, providing document management services to customers throughout Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Wyoming, and Utah.

  • PaperLESS Solutions
    PaperLESS Solutions

    If there's one problem that all businesses share, it's too much paper! Everyone has it and everyone wants to get rid of it! It's slow, expensive and risky. Integra provides cost-effective document management solutions that change the way you run your business, making it easier for you to, well... breathe.

  • Document Management
    Document Management

    Ready for help? Our document management solutions are designed to fill the gaps between your business processes, applications and departments. If you can't easily find information when you need it, or lose critical documents, our document management solutions will help.

  • Document Conversion
    Document Conversion

    Integra offers document conversion services that turn your hard copies into digitally scanned records, meeting your records retention requirements and saving you a ton of time and money accessing hard to find records. Our in-house conversion services department can convert your records for less than doing it yourself.

  • Scanning Solutions
    Scanning Solutions

    Need a scanner? Before you shop the internet for your next purchase, check out our scanning solutions. At Integra Business Solutions we service, warranty and maintain all of the equipment we sell.