Countdown to 2019 Presidential Directive for Electronic Records

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Almost 7 years ago, President Obama signed the Presidential Memorandum - Managing Government Records with a 2019 deadline for Federal Agencies to be managing all permanent records in electronic format. Similar to another Obama Directive to the healthcare industry, this Directive guides Federal Agencies away from manual intensive paper practices, in exchange for more efficient PaperLESS procedures and a digital government. Applicable to all executive Agencies, without regard to security classification or restriction, the policy extends to all records in all media formats, including paper, microfiche, microfilm, maps, drawings, photos and books. Simply creating policies for this Directive was a sizeable task, but it pales in comparison to the EXTENSIVE amount of work required by each Agency to digitize their permanent records.

The focus of the Presidential Directive (M-12-18) follows best practices that any organization would hope to achieve; creating an efficient and cost-effective framework for records management, promoting records management practices that help achieve each agency’s mission, visible accountability through documentation, fostering open Government and Public Access, supporting compliance of information preservation, and transitioning from paper-based to electronic systems. The focus of the Directive is spot on but begs the question of whether agencies have the staffing, tools or budget to be electronic in such a short timeframe.

FREE Stuff: How do I get a FREE ScanPro AUTO-Carrier™?

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What's better than FREE STUFF?!  This is the perfect time to REV-UP the RESEARCH with a new ScanPro AUTO-Carrier™ for your County, Library, Museum, Genealogy or Research Group.  Between June 1, 2018 and August 31, 2018, any current model ScanPro microfilm scanner purchased will receive:

FREE ScanPro AUTO-Carrier™ ($1,795 Value)

FREE 90-Day Trial to AUTO-Scan Pro Software ($425 Value)

ScanPro AUTO-Carrier™ (AC) simplifies everything in the process of using and scanning microfiche & microfilm. Without this technology, users would manually move the carrier to find a desired image, scan, save and repeat. When repeated for high volumes of images, this process can be lengthy and frustrating for users. The AUTO-Carrier eliminates all of this manual work! The motorized carrier is operated entirely by on-screen controls, allowing users to move directly to the desired image anywhere on the fiche with a single click! Users have the option to automatically scan a range of images or the entire Fiche or Roll.

Customer Spotlight: Model Customer or Customer Model?

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Integra has the good fortune of working with Model Customers every single day, but it's not very often that we work with a Customer "Model"!  Friend of Integra, Gary Schorzman, spent 20 years in California working as a Hollywood model.  These pictures are so "Hollywood", right?!  These days, Gary is working diligently, along side Joann Frederickson & Margaret Stevens to digitize old newspapers for the Minidoka County Historical Society.  As Main Volunteer on the project, Gary has...


Milestone: Happy Canon Scanner-versary!

   Last year #IntegraPaperLESS achieved the “40 Year Canon Partner” milestone,

   and today we celebrate the “20 Year Canon Scanner Partner” milestone!

   Raise your hand if you actually had a paper scanner in 1997!  Was it a Canon?! 

   #celebrate #PaperLESS@integraECM #CanonUSA@CanonUSA@CanonUSAimaging

Congratulations: Chimera Family on the Family Feud!

       It’s fun to see our customers/partners make memories!

       Great job Dave Chimera & family!

       #familyfeud #NewWave@NWTDistribution




JFK Records: A Complex Example of Information Security...

JFKRecordsRedactedRedacted... an everyday word to Records Managers like myself, but rarely does the topic of “redaction” make the news!  #smallwin

This latest news about the JFK records being released to the public, is a great example of the complexity of information security. Redaction seems like such a simple thing, until you have to do the actual work.  Every organization should have the desire to be transparent, but it’s often difficult to draw the line when that information can be transmitted around the world in a split second.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself;


OnBase Update: Hyland to Acquire Perceptive Software Business

Hyland acquires perceptive softwareHyland Software, creator of OnBase, makes improvements to their product every day, but yesterday was a little bigger than most.  Hyland entered into agreement to acquire Perceptive Software, a popular suite of document management software that includes products such as ImageNow, Brainware, and Nolij.  The agreement stems from Lexmark’s recent divestiture of their Software portfolio to Thoma Bravo, a private equity firm that also owns Hyland.

Top 10 Reasons: Paper Scanning Projects Can Go Wrong!

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Paper scanning can be either really easy—scanning merely a page or two, or one of the most daunting tasks you and/or your department will ever take part in. Either way, use this list as a way to identify problems with your paper scanning project before they get out of hand.

Feel free to click on the image to view the infographic, otherwise here are the Top 10 Reasons Paper Scanning Projects Can Go Wrong!

10. Your scanner jams everytime you leave the paperclips on

9. You reached your health insurance deductible solely from paper cuts

8. Last time you scanned a document it ended up being faxed

7. Your IT department told you to update your driver, so you ordered an Uber

Information Solutions vs. New Year's Resolutions

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It seems we make business resolutions every year, but for some reason they continue to be similar, if not the exact same, as last year. Let's break down the word "Resolution": Re means to do the same thing over and over and solution means to solve a problem. Well, if we really solved the problem we would not have to keep repeating the solution, would we? So for 2017 let's get real and just commit to "New Year's RESolutions" so you and your organization can finally start to organize, share and grow its information like never before!

How do you get started?

The Growth of Data & Document Management

data and document management growthWe all have a story, what's yours? At Integra PaperLESS our story goes back over 40 years in the Document Management industry. It is what we do and we do it well. Let me tell you a little about how any organization can gain control over their information, arguably one of the most important assets in any organization or industry.

Integra PaperLESS understands information, we understand how it gets made, how it comes into an organization, how it is processed and how it should be retained and stored and retrieved. It is what we do and have done for so many years in the Pacific Northwest. Starting with Microfilm solutions 40 years ago we began helping healthcare organizations manage the mountains of paper records that they had to maintain. As we grew we entered different markets as we developed a reputation and began doing business in a variety of industry's including local and state government to commercial organizations looking to get control of their information.

Helping you with

Accounting Records

Information Security 

Disaster Recovery

Document Conversion

Forms Recognition

System Integration


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