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ApplicationXtender, somtimes referred to as AppXtender or AX, is a solution that reduces the risks and costs of paper while raising the productivity level through streamlining the management and capture of the documents. With this tool users can scan, store, retrieve information, while giving a role based access and management of documents either at the web browser or at the personal computers.

This tool helps the user to control the infrastructure in storing, organizing and managing content. With its easy to implement, manage and integrate capacity, the tool provides an instance performance. This tool is also based on the user friendly NET optimized systems and provides important features which make it easy to create modify and implement the business solutions.

With this tool you will reduce the reliance on paper based system. It is no brainer that the paper based system is tedious, prone to numerous errors which can have far reaching consequences for the business, poor accessibility and security leading to loss of business and customers. Applying this tool in the business will lead to immediate and dramatic benefits; there will be increased customer service and responsiveness, turnaround time will be greatly reduced, increased efficiency which translates to reduced wastage and lower costs, capacity to easily comply with the systems.

With this tool:

Your information is well secured; the protection offered goes beyond the firewall, meaning that users should not fear their data being compromised. There is strict access control to ensure that only those who are authorized gain entry to the system. This not only prevents data loss but also getting into the hands of those who are not allowed. Any business which is serious about content management and security will consider this tool as an important tool which should be installed in the system. It is an end to end solution which allows all the transactional content to be organized and managed centrally.




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