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Document imaging and management cannot get any easier; PaperClip32™ is a tool that offers a seamless solution which gives the users an access to their emails, faxes, images and other documents in a centralized point.  The tool can be available as either a hosted service or as locally installed software in a personal computer.

With PaperClip 32, users have the capacity to organize all their related documents in a folder. The filing process is automated, meaning that it will be carried out seamlessly and in an effective manner. Workflow tasks can be allocated in advance making sure that they are carried out without the user intervention. All that has to be done is to command the system to execute them at a given time. The security systems allows the user to allocate levels of access for any given document, this means that not all users can access a document which is subjected to this kind of restriction. When a user who is not authorized to access a given document attempts to gain entry, he or she will be restricted.

This system allows the users, whether individuals, groups or the whole organization to store, share, access and exchange documents without having to use papers. The tools reduces incidences of lost files and documents, provides a quick way through which users can access a given file of document. With PaperClip32 users can conduct an accurate research ,eliminate the need of cabinets and other data storage equipment as well as drastically reduce the cost of  information storage and overall business operation cost. It is a tool which every individual, group or organization that values time, efficiency and profitability in a business should make a point of acquiring. It will not only help the business cut on the cost but also in ensuring that the documents and files are well secured.




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