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Experts estimate that nearly 80 percent of all business documents are forms and unfortunately, most of those forms are on paper. Paper forms are expensive and prevent process automation. In fact, paper forms can often lead to headaches, as they are often incomplete and hard to read, and they can be lost, damaged or held up on someone's desk. Integra PaperLESS has a solution: E-Forms.

Our electronic document software can turn any paper form into an e-form and reduce error rates up to 90 percent. With e-forms, you can create a completely paperless process and use document automation to further speed processes.

TeleForm Features:

Form Designer
A point-and-click application for easily implementing automated forms processing and document capture. Designer includes complete layout tools to create new forms and to automate your existing forms and document types.

Flexible Document Input Options
Out-of-the box interfaces to scanners, fax, email, file systems and internet.

View and index non-image file types
Supports viewing of word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, graphic, multimedia, and other formats without needing the native file application.

Content-based classification
Automatically classifies and sorts forms and semi- and unstructured documents via barcode, form identification, full page keyword, rules-based and phrase identification algorithms.

Automatic data extraction
Automatic extraction of indexes from forms and semi- and unstructured documents by best-in-class recognition engines.

Document Package handling
Allows multiple levels of association for forms and documents within a batch; group “sets” of forms and documents together.

Anytime QC
Enables users to view, rotate, add, delete, copy, reposition, and automatically or manually reclassify and index at any time during the life of the batch, from scan to commit.

Data Quality Assurance
Data quality assurance personnel can intuitively and efficiently validate classification and extraction results with ease.

Auditing and tracking
Tracks every-step between people, systems, images, associated data and system changes.

Digital record signature support
Provides ability for a user to digitally sign records associated with views of/changes made to data in the TeleForm system.

Print merge application
Merges electronic records onto forms for printing.

Automated workflow
Paper-originated forms and documents from TeleForm can easily and rapidly feed into electronic-based in-process workflows or can initiate workflows in LiquidOffice.

Flexible Export Interfaces
Automatically delivers data to more than 300 business applications.

Document Scanning
High-speed Document Scanning is only one element of TeleForm's vast time and money saving features.




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