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Who provides Onsite Service for Scanners?

Integra Paperless provides Onsite Service & Repair of scanning equipment for customers across the Pacific Northwest.  Whether you purchased the equipment from Integra or off the interweb, we're happy to help. As an authorized dealer for many scanning products, Integra provides expert service and a full inventory of parts and supplies for products old and new. Our customers receive quick, convenient and professional support for all your hardware needs.


Top 5 Reasons for Service Contracts:

  • Regular Cleaning: Just like an oil change for your car, a Regular Cleaning & Preventative Maintenance ensures the mechanics of your scanning equipment is operating efficiently. While on contract your scanning equipment receives an annual visit from one of our Certified Hardware Technicians to complete a FULL Cleaning and perform Preventative Maintenance. Similar to the benefits of an oil change, Regular Cleaning and Preventative Maintenance will extend the life of your scanning equipment.


  • Insurance Policy: an Integra Service contract serves as an insurance policy for anything that breaks during the normal use of the machine.  Motherboards go bad, Integra replaces it FREE of charge.  Drives malfunction, Integra replaces it FREE of charge. Sensors go out, Integra replaces it FREE of charge.  Someone tries to run a pizza through it, uh, we might have to talk about that one.  An Integra Service Contract is the insurance you need when an expensive part goes bad.


  • Somebody Else's Problem: When a scanner is malfunctioning, employees resort to three common options; (1) escalate to IT, (2) escalate to Management, or (3) try and fix it themselves.  If they don't have someone designated to support their scanner, employees often skip IT & Management, taking it upon themselves to try and resolve the issue.  Not the ideal situation with scanning hardware that cost more than some cars.  With an Integra hardware Service Contract, keeping a scanner running can be someone else's problem.  A phone number on the side of the scanner allows for employees to call Integra for help and the issue gets resolved. 


  • Minimize Downtime: When office equipment breaks down, it never gets resolved fast enough. If only someone was staffed to specifically resolve issues with scanning equipment and had the experience to do it quickly.  With a hardware Service Contract, there is someone on staff to get you back up and running fast. Integra PaperLESS.


  • Flat Rate: Nobody likes to be blindsided by an unexpected expense and it's impossible to predict when hardware will need service. A hardware service contract provides a flat rate that is easy to  budget for.  No more suprise expenses or last minute shuffling of the budget to accommodate for the unpredictable.


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