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Are paper records piling up?  No matter the amount of paper records an organization works with, there are considerable benefits to going digital.

Considerations for Paper Records Scanning:

• Improve Staff Collaboration
• Meet Regulatory Compliance
• Increase Productivity
• Increase Data Security
• Opportunity for Automation
• Save Cost of Long-Term Storage
• Regain Office Space
• Increase Employee Satisfaction
• More Secure Storage
• Reduced Costs for Retrieval
• Information Preservation
• Better Customer Service
• Disaster Recovery
• Faster Retrieval
• Reduced Carbon Footprint ...Go GREEN!
• and much more..


The True Cost of Scanning:

Employee Labor - Hourly wage is commonly used, but the True Cost of labor is the Burdened Labor Rate, which includes additional expenses such as benefits, taxes, etc..
• Equipment - The cost of a document scanner is a direct reflection of the speed, quality & efficiency it can provide, but the value is a reflection of the operator's ability to run it.
• Maintenance - New scanning equipment requires less maintenance, but is more expensive to source.  Old scanning equipment is cheaper to source, but higher maintenance costs.
Training - Scanning is simple in concept, but requires experience to understand the nuances and hone the skill.  Additional costs come from the scanning learning curve, poor quality & re-work.
Supervision - oversight of scanning projects always requires time from direct supervisors, but often trickles over to higher levels of management and related team members.
Real Estate - finding a desk for someone is simple, but there is a value associated with that real estate and it's often overlooked until there's a better use for the space.
• Turnover - Studies show the average career span for an employee is around 2 years, with entry level jobs seeing more frequent attrition. It's easy to overlook the expense of hiring activities, as part of this process.


Quick Facts:

• Integra was founded in 1975, originally operating under the name Mountain States Microfilm.
• Microfilm was the original PaperLESS solution.
• Many start by asking the question; What's the Cost of Doing Nothing?  (WtCoDN-HealthcareWtCoDN-Title Company)
• There are no words that rhyme with orange.  That's a fact, Jack!


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