What's That Smell?microfilm vinegar smell or microfilm cancer

Did you or a co-worker leave some vinegar fries from last year's fair in your microfilm storage room? Well, if that's not the case then you had better start investigating some of your microfilm rolls because there's a good chance that the vinegar smell is from deteriorating microfilm due to several factors.

Factors that cause this cancerous, vinegar smelling and irrevocable destruction to your microfilm:

• Nitrate, Acetate, or Polyester
• Temperature of storage area
• Humidity
• Exposure of film
• Silver corrosion
• and much more...

Quick Facts:

• Nitrate and Acetate microfilm has a life expectancy of 100 years.
• Polyester microfilm is much more stable with a life expectancy of 500+ years
• Cancerous microfilm in storage cannot be reversed, but at least the spread can be contained and the remainder of the film might still be able to be salvaged

If your microfilm smells like vinegar and/or is showing signs of red, pink or orange dots (also known as redox blemishing) then you better call Integra PaperLESS as soon as possible!


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