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A good friend once asked, “how do you eat an elephant? ….answer: one bite at a time.” I don't think he was talking about scanning but scanning projects often appear to be unsurmountable tasks, like eating an elephant. His statement begs the question; could this idea of taking one small step at a time be applied to scanning projects?

The cost of digitizing records can be surprising. We've all scanned a single piece of paper on the photocopier and it only takes 15 seconds. The jaw dropping moment comes when that 15 seconds is projected across the 1 Million pages in your storage room for a labor-intensive 4,167 total hours of work. We all do it, we want to know the total cost (4,167 hrs * $ per hr = $$$$$$). Once we see that big number, it's a quick decision to do nothing. The number is so different than our preconceived notion, that we don't stop to compare it to the cost to continue with hard copy records (i.e. staffing + equipment + quality control + services + supplies + supervision + attrition + lost efficiency). What's the cost of NOT scanning? 

It's a bit ironic that we start the equation with a 15 second task that seems achievable, but after applying it to a full project, it seems unachievable... the elephant. The bite of the elephant is that 15 seconds.  Much like we save for retirement one paycheck at a time, or pay a morgtage one month at a time, we chip away at the elephant.  Why can't we apply the same principle towards the scanning project elephant, you ask?  ... it can.  Taking that first step with a small scanning project, is one step closer to the goal of digitization.  Integra PaperLESS can help you take that first bite of the elephant!


Steps to Scan to Budget:

  • Choose Budget
  • Inventory Records
  • Develop Plan
  • Apply Budget against Plan
  • Scan to Budget


 Quick Facts:

• Elephants are NOT the largest animal on planet earth.
• The brain of an average adult elephant ways 10-12 lbs.
• You don’t have to let your scanning project be the elephant in the (storage) room.

Confucius says; don't let enormity of elephant prevent you from taking first bite!

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